Jan G. Otterstrom F.

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Listen to Beethovenís String Quartets
periods of tumultuous life preserved
legacy of rhythmic polyphonic nuance
thru foundation of models, strains of
Mozart and Haydn, later laid to rest
syncopation of conversations that tap
a well of tears, staccatos in leaps
exuberant upbeats, as sun pierces
a canopy of leaves, breaking up sorrow
of shade, dizzy dance in transition
breeze to a playful free scherzo
different light, catching jeweled surfaces
rhyme of closely related keys, themes
of short measures, later become hymns
long involved sentences, compositions
imitated by royalty, King Wilhelm II
Princes: Lobkowitz, Galitzin, Lichnowsky
and Count Razunovsky, patrons, fans
and musicians, firm basses, stark octaves
of cello and viola give way, as violins
in arpeggios flee, conscious longing of strings
and bows that turn inward, often mystic
solemn, austere, un-harmonized passages
ancient modes, impassioned chords
that ricochet notes in diminution
then exhilarate ambience as listeners strive
not to be shut out by strident tones, hushed
in exotic harmonies or absorbed in wanderings.

Jan G. Otterstrom F. 3/27/2013