Jan G. Otterstrom F.

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He built his world of small words:
verbs of love, adore to never hate
hope ever not late; he bore his pain
well, with good sense of tense:
now past to come; adjectives secure
yet meek and nouns of faith and trust;
in his heart, so kind, where mercy dwelt
wish well, good will always found a place
as grace adorns a gentle form; no limit
to the conjugate: he she is, you we
they are one; fair to all race and belief
opinions allowed, endured in peace
as pronouns have a use: you this
who what help and adverbs give a hand
with time, very well in high degree.
Before he died, he left a copy and design
of truth and action for advancing youth.

Jan G. Otterstrom F. 1/23/2013